Ventilation for Industrial & Commercial Spaces

Establishments that have sensitive cooling and heating needs can benefit from industrial air conditioning. Regular air conditioning just doesn't cut it when temperature control and customer comfort are imperatives of the business in question. For example, an IT server room requires additional cooling equipment to keep the computers humming and in perfect shape.

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The Lay of the Land in Office Cooling 

If you're running a restaurant in the desert or in an extremely cold place such as the Arctic or Antarctica, you can never take chances with the HVAC needs of your customers. Even your life can be in danger if the precise temperature controls are not achieved on any given day. Luckily, industrial air conditioning come in all shapes and sizes.

Model Samples and Price Ranges

You can have a KwiKool portable unit that retails for £2,500. This mobile air conditioner can be transported anywhere from Africa to the Himalayas. It comes not only with wheels and breaks but with a $36 mail-in rebate.

Hospitals are perfect candidates for precisely this type of cooling machine. Also, the size of the cart will depend on exactly just how much space you need to cover in your delicate operations such as a production plant. It's the perfect addition to cooling when pre-existing units just don't cut it.

This way, you don't have to dismantle the entire HVAC system. You just need a mobile add-on that can regulate the temperature on a need-to basis. And when all is said and done, you just unplug the device and wheel it into another critical destination point like a reliable soldier or special ops personnel.

The Scoop on Portable Business Coolers

Definitely, you'll find other brands in the market that perform the same reliable and change-at-will functions. By far the biggest advantage of these models is that you won't need to set up any intricate wiring and ducting to get your place cooled down. When you have a much lower budget for office purchase, going with a Honeywell variety can't be bad.

When the Price Isn't Right

Just imagine, for as low as £165, you can have a full-fledged room cooler with all the bells and whistles. This one works for a small office or an ad-hoc trailer business such as a mobile restaurant or a construction support group. And the best part of this equipment is that it has simultaneous heating-cooling capabilities at the flick of a switch.

Dancing in the Ceiling 

When the ceiling is the only spot in your store where you can position your precision temperature control device--you need a KwiKool ceiling system or a similar one from another provider or brand. This retails for £1,500 but that's the price you pay for durability and unmatched performance. But then again, cooling needs can always be adapted to your budget when you look hard enough in the market.